Exotic destinations

Travelling to exotic places has become a lot more popular in recent years and this is because travelling long distances has become a lot cheaper. People still need to decide how they’re going to get around once they arrive on holiday however, and Australien camper rental could be suitable if people want a little bit of freedom while they’re away. In places such as South Africa this has to be considered a little more carefully. Australia is a very safe country to travel around, and so is South Africa, but of course there’s a lot more dangerous wildlife on the African continent including

  • Lions
  • Rhinos
  • Leopards
  • Cheetahs
  • Hippos

If people are going to run into any of these creatures while on the road then it’s often best to be on safari and with a guide.

Mixing it up

Holidaymakers can really mix it up while on holiday in South Africa, and while a round of golf may appeal one day, an exciting safari could make a holiday even more exciting. In Australia holidaymakers are also spoilt for choice and if people are landing in Sydney mietwagen may sound like a good option. There are lots of things to see in New South Wales alone, and being able to visit places at one’s own leisure could make a holiday Down Under more relaxing.

Put your skills to the test

Adventurous folk will be very comfortable travelling around a lot but some people want a vacation that involves very little travelling. They may prefer to book a resort where they can play golf every day, and this sport is taxing enough to keep people interested, but is also a leisurely way to spend a few days. Sports in Australia do include golf but people can also partake in a wide variety of more strenuous sports such as

  1. Surfing
  2. Windsurfing
  3. Rock climbing

Australien camper rental may appeal to people with a taste for adventure and driving to Ayers Rock could give people a good opportunity to test their skills on a very large and spectacularly beautiful rock formation.

Beautiful landscapes

The Southern Hemisphere has some very beautiful landscapes, some natural and others that are manmade. Golf courses for example are created by people but can look very stunning indeed if they’re well maintained. They may also be located in large open areas that are indeed beautiful in their own right. Natural landscapes may interest nature lovers more, and Perth mietwagen may interest people that want to get off the beaten track in Western Australia and see some stunning natural beauty. When it comes to natural beauty Australia and South Africa have a great deal in common but there’s also a lot that separates these two magnificent countries. To experience what these differences are people have to visit each place and see for themselves, and once people have experienced the great beauty of each country they may be hard pressed to choose between them.

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