Treat Yourself to a Golfing Vacation in Sunny South Africa

South Africa has for a long time been an incredibly popular destination for holidaymakers, honeymooners and adventure tourists. Now there are even golfing holidays aimed at the tourist that likes to spread their time between stunning beaches, exciting safari tours, and of course, the golfing range. A lot of golfing tourists even contact a motorhome rental firm and hire a luxury RV to tour from course to course. South Africa really does tick all of the boxes when it comes to sports orientated adventure holidays.

KwaZulu Natal

KwaZulu province offers the avid golfer a number of fantastic courses. The most famous, of course, being the Princes Grant course, which offers every golfer an incredibly challenging and interesting day. Some golfers that are travelling to the KwaZulu Natal Province even rent a RV from a motorhome hire specialist and spend their time touring from one golf course to another. Travelling in a luxury vehicle is a fantastic way to get to the courses, as well as giving you a chance to see and experience some of the wondrous sights that this part of South Africa has to offer.


A golfing holiday to South Africa would just not be complete without at least one game at the Durban Country Club. The course still has the original colonial style clubhouse where most visitors just love to spend an hour or two relaxing after a good afternoon on the range. A lot of keen golfers even approach a campervan hire company and use a luxury vehicle as their primary mode of transport and accommodation for their golfing holiday. There are, of course, also plenty of hotels near to golf courses where they can park up their vehicle and spend a night in complete luxury.


The Humewood course is one of the oldest courses in South Africa. It boasts a full 18-holes and is consistently rated as one of South Africa’s best golf courses. Many tourists that visit Port Elizabeth to play on the Humewood course even hire a luxury motorhome rental vehicle and drive through some of the many spectacular game parks that the region has to offer. If you enjoy exciting adventures combined with your golfing holidays, South Africa could be just the place for you.

Hans Merensky

The course at Hans Merensky is one of the most popular courses for holiday golfers in South Africa. The region offers two stunning wildlife parks that are both easily accessible from hotels located in the town of Hans Merensky. Many keen golfers even contact a motorhome hire company and use a RV vehicle for some adventure touring and camping within the park. With a fantastic golf course and great wild life reserves, Hans Merensky is on the top of many tourists’ places to see lists.


Booking a golfing holiday in south Africa is now easier than ever before, thanks to some of the many travel agents that advertise on the internet. Many can even arrange flights and transfers for your complete convenience.

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