Planning to Go on a South African Golf Safari? What to Expect During Your Trip

Whether you are going on a skiing trip in France, a boot camp in Sydney or a golf safari in South Africa, planning for the activities is essential to make the trip hassle-free and to allow yourself to get the most out of it. Planning is one of the keys of a successful holiday, and one way to make your planning successful is knowing what you can expect. Here are some of the things you can experience when you go on a South African golf safari:


As the name suggests, a golfing safari literally lets you start your day with a challenging round of world-class golf, swinging your club against the stunning African landscapes, with wild animals as backdrop. South Africa boasts of several world-class golf courses, where many of them are located near private game reserves and national parks. Each of them also has its own unique and stunning setting. From the fairways set in the bushes, where you can see zebras roaming freely and crocodiles basking under the sun, to the greens of the coast, which comes complete with the welcoming breeze from the ocean, South Africa’s golf courses leave little to the imagination when it comes to giving the best game to visitors.

With the country’s corridor-narrow fairways, coastal terrains, closing holes along the water’s edge and elevated tee points, golfing can also become a great way to keep your body fit; it seems like you are having your fitness boot camp training in Sydney, with each session providing you tough courses and beautiful scenery.


After playing a round of golf, expect to go on guided tours in late afternoon or early evening. A South African golf safari offers a diverse range of safari experiences where you can enjoy seeing the world-famous Big Five—the buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino—which are animals considered the most dangerous to hunt. Going on a golf safari in South Africa also enables you to experience and explore the country’s diverse natural wonders, from Kruger National Park’s wildlife to the seascapes of the scenic Garden Route. If you add to the mix the visual feasts of Cape Town’s pristine beaches, broad glacial valleys, rocky bays and the majestic Table Mountain that provides a stunning backdrop to the bay and city below, you’ll get the feeling that while the golf is world-class, the off-course explorations and adventures are just as unforgettable.

Go on a golfing safari in South Africa and experienced world-class golf, breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, and amazing wildlife. By knowing what to expect, you can now pack light for your trip.

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