Sports-Themed Game Room: Decoration Details You Should Know About

Can’t get enough of that amazing golf tour you enjoyed in South Africa? Why not bring it home with you? Not the golf course or the club of course, but the look and feel of the game. If you’re about to decorate or plan to change the decoration in your game room, now is the perfect opportunity to use golf as a theme, or any sport for that matter. To ensure success, keep the following tips in mind:

Pick the ideal location

Say you’re game room is yet to be born. The first step you need to take is to choose the perfect location. A finished basement would be great, but so is a dedicated media room. The location should come first as this can dictate how a room will be decked out.

Get down to specifics

A sports-themed game room doesn’t have to be confined with just one sport or team. It can be a combination of both, or an assortment of sports. To help you make a wise decision, consider the amount of tools, accessories and equipment you need to realise your dream game room. If you stick with golf, you can use the equipment you already own as decoration, and then buy a mini-golf course that you can use with a video console. Other things you will need are putting green flagstick, automatic ball return system and a golf putting mat. You can also draw inspiration from South Africa’s top golf courses.

Use the right colour scheme

Naturally, you’d want to use shades related to the sport or team that you used. Unfortunately, not all the colours they used might not be suitable in a game room. Remember that some hues can make a room appear large or small, which is why you must mull over the colour scheme properly.

Also, think of the effect you want to create. If you want something subtle and sophisticated, painting the wall white or neutral is one way to go about it. You can then pick shades of a team’s colours that will work best with the wall paint.

How about using the same shade of green that is prominent in a golf course? Green is known for its calming effect and ability to relieve stress. This should make a great idea for a game room, right? However, it might have an overwhelming effect if you paint all the walls green. A better idea would be to use it as accents or dedicate one wall for the golf course, while keeping the rest in neutral shades.

Take care of the little details

Remember how small items can make any room in the house functional and well-appointed? A kitchen, for example, would be fully functional with the help of products offered by the following companies:

The same thing is true in your game room. To give it the ultimate sports feel, add related knick-knacks, such as trophies, collectibles, framed pictures, decals and the like. Even golf-themed throw pillows can make furnishing look as much a part of the overall decorating theme. If you want to add new lounge sets, take advantage of clearance furniture from Furnish 4 Less – a Perth company that provides quality products for less.

Once you’re done with the decoration, it’s time to add the electronics. A state-of-the-art game room usually comes with a wide-screen TV or a projector and screen, surround speaker systems, home theatre receivers and soundbar speakers, among others.

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