The Globetrotter’s Quintessential Guide to Staying Fit While On the Road

Without a doubt, travelling is such a fun and rewarding activity to do. The opportunity to visit new places, meet new faces and well, eat sumptuous dishes is definitely enough to make you want to pack your bags and leave your footprints around the world.

A lot of travellers (including you) share one common problem though—the dreaded weight gain. While it’s easier to stick to exercising regularly, dieting and taking your protein supplements when you’re at home, travelling can be a completely different story. You’ll be glad to know, however, that there are ways to stay in shape without sacrificing the quality of your trip:

Pick your holiday wisely.

If your idea of a holiday includes pigging out and lying by the beach all day, then it’s about time that you have a change of heart. While there isn’t anything wrong with claiming a day of pure R&R, you also have to spice up your itinerary by picking a holiday that will help you stay active. For instance, if you’ll be visiting South Africa on your upcoming trip, you can book a golf holiday package with us where you will not only enjoy the luxury of playing the sport in some of the best courses in the world but also the utmost comfort of staying in fabulous accommodations around the country.

Stop letting the airport make you fat.

When you’re in the airport waiting for your flight and surrounded by cafés, food stalls and what not, it’s so easy to get lured into buying that cupcake or that cup of iced coffee even when you’re not really hungry or sleepy. Moreover, the long wait and even the long flight can make you bored and thus, crave for sweets and other calorie-laden foods. How can you resist temptation then? Simple—pack your own food. Aside from eating at home before going to the airport, it’s also good to pack travel-friendly snacks like fruits, some crackers and even your protein supplements.

Squeeze in the sweating in your itinerary.

Since being in another country will mean that your schedule is pretty unpredictable, it’s so easy to miss your daily workout and not even notice it. But if you really want to stay in shape even while on the road, you have to make working out a part of your daily itinerary. Exercising is actually a lot of fun when done overseas because hey, not a lot of people can say that they had their morning run at Central Park, near Trafalgar Square or even in the Serengeti. If you’re not motivated yet, think about how good your Instagram photos will look while you’re working out in these beautiful landmarks. Oh, and you can even gulp your favourite protein shake while you’re at it.

Now that you have these tips in mind, you wouldn’t need to worry about the tight pants anymore.

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