How to unwind in Cape Town

The Mount Nelson Hotel, in Cape Town, South Africa

The Mount Nelson Hotel, in Cape Town, South Africa

All too often many travelers find that their vacations have become just as over-scheduled and jam-packed with activities as the daily lives they’re trying to temporarily escape.  It’s easy to decide to go on holiday to a new, or perhaps mildly familiar location, and be overwhelmed with tickets for different museums and concerts, offers for rock climbing and hiking, or lest we forget, the plethora of beach packages filled with snorkeling, swimming, surfing, sailing and other nautical activities. It could all maybe a bit too much to take in for some.

Travelers looking for a different kind of holiday vacation – one filled with peace and tranquility – can certainly find what they’re looking for in Cape Town. Below are some suggestions for a more relaxing Cape Town holiday.

Play a Round or Two of World-class Golf

Playtime is never overrated, though it is often overlooked in today’s society. There are many excellent golf courses designed by some of the world’s top golf pros along with tennis courts, horse stables, and many other sporting facilities perfect for travelers looking to unwind by flexing their athletic muscles.  Golf holidays and golfing safaris are quite popular among tourists who visit here and the sheer number of championship golf courses which can be found in Cape Town and the Western Cape area are more than adequate to meet the expectations of even the consummate golf professional and the novice.  We can arrange exclusive and individually tailored luxury golfing holidays for you and your party to ensure that you get nothing but the best for the duration of your stay in South Africa.

Librisa Spa at Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Librisa Spa at Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town

Head to the Spa

Cape Town is home to numerous spas at both affordable and more luxurious prices. While going to the spa may not be the first thought a traveler has for relaxing on vacation, it truly is amazing what a massage and a nice facial can do for a person’s sense of invigoration!  The Librisa Spa in the Mount Nelson Hotel is known for its special massage treatments specifically for jet lag, perfect for travelers fresh from their flights to Cape Town as well as the spa’s large conservatory for relaxing after treatments.

Go on Safari

Safaris are often thought of as action-packed holiday experiences, but they don’t have to be. Travelers can actually spend hours, or perhaps even days, walking or driving game preserves alone, allowing the peaceful natural surroundings to give them clarity once again. Take the time out to explore South Africa’s lush game reserves and experience close encounters with Africa’s famed Big Five (elephant, lion, cape buffalo, rhinoceros and leopard).

Read a Book

Yes, really. There are many libraries in Cape Town – public libraries, university libraries, and even hotel libraries – that will gladly host travelers looking for a good book to read. Tip: Check out a book or even purchase one from a vintage or fine books retailer, and then head to the beach with it for an afternoon of literary pleasure.